By Zhang Yun, Jenny (CEO Staff)

The CEO Foundation and me

I first learned about The CEO Foundation in 2012. At that time, Uncle Cai (Joseph Chua) and Sister Cai (Christina Chua) spearheaded their CEO team came to collaborate with the Faculty of Social Work of Luoyang Normal University to provide students internship opportunities. Being a sophomore, I was lucky enough to be the selected few for the Family Anew (FA) Apprenticeship Program. I joined other senior interns worked with the CEO team to serve the CEO FA Foster Care Program beneficiaries (disabled orphans and their foster families). Ever since then, CEO and the Chua family have deeply warmed and influencing me.

In my graduating year, I always worried about my tuition and living expenses. We three siblings were studying at university, that was a hefty burden for an ordinary rural family. In my gloomy days, I received a call from Uncle Cai one day. He told me that their Foundation had expanded financial aid apart from the orphanage to include rural family students-in-hardship. He then asked if I was willing to accept the funding assistance. I was moved and tears rolled in my eyes. Uncle Cai and Auntie Ah-Meng (Angel Chua) knew my situation, they taught me not to worry but focus on my studies only. CEO funded both my tuition and my living expenses. I am genuinely grateful to Uncle Cai for trusting me, choosing me, and granting me practical support when I needed it most.

I was offered full-time employment with the CEO during the second semester of my final year at the university. Having continual support and encouragement working with the CEO team, I grew in faith and strength. Uncle Cai was a role model for us. He worked hard and attentive to matters big or small. He was always willing to lend his help and remind me not to be stressed out. I shall never forget the encouragement he gave me. From the Chua’s family, they held positive and optimistic attitudes towards life. They were friendly and treating others with warmth and enthusiasm. I saw their true dedication in caring for every child and team member with patience and compassion. When I was sad, Auntie Ah-Meng would tell me “A cheerful heart is good medicine”. She talked with me and uplifted me to stay joyful. I felt really blessed to be in CEO such a warm family.

From being a volunteer to internship to employee, I experienced so much love and witnessed many miracles of life in the CEO! Even though I left later, Uncle Cai, Auntie Ah-Meng, Sister Cai, and Sister Cai Junior (Catherine Chua) never stopped caring about my development. Especially at the year end of 2020, when Li-Feng and I were getting married. Uncle and Auntie Cai gave us a lot of pre-marital and guidance, and both Sisters Cai sent us their blessings. I know my relationship with The CEO Foundation will not fade with time or distance. We will always be a member of The CEO family.

Along the way, our relationship and love remain. I am incredibly honored to have worked for The CEO’s development in the past eight years! I am grateful to have met and received the assistance and loving care from the Chua Family and the CEO team! I do reap love and growth from The CEO Foundation, and learn to pass such love and positive strength on.

On the 21st anniversary of the Foundation, I wish The CEO Foundation a happy birthday! May the CEO family have a prosperous future with the love of God! Time goes by yet love never fails.