FA Foster Care Program

(The program completed on 31 March 2018, details)

CEO believes the best place for children to thrive is amidst parental care in nuclear families. In China, however; affected by various issues throughout the last few decades, many children were abandoned by their parents especially those with disabilities at birth. Thus “orphans” has been a major social challenge for the last few decades.

In 2003 CEO implemented the FA Foster Care Program by collaborating with Luoyang Children Welfare Institute. Since then hundreds of orphans with various degree of disabilities have been successfully placed in carefully selected foster families in rural communities, enabling them to regain parental love and care from these “parents anew.” The program includes a network of relevant services and support for the children and foster parents. Services include:-

  • Regular Home Visits ~ timely assistance as needed;
  • Special Education ~ identify and develop potentials;
  • Home Rehabilitation Training ~ parent-guided rehabilitation exercises;
  • Relevant Training ~ caring for special needs children, parenting, hygiene, family counseling, etc.

Over the years, almost all of the orphans in our program have shown significant improvements in physical, mental and emotional health conditions. Such outstanding results assert a positive and healthy attitude towards disabled children in the servicing communities. Supporters witness the core values and benefits of “Family” when children thrive under the attentive care of parents. Many agree on the motto we uphold, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

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