The One Who Saved Me from the Abyss

Pics by Ming

“And shepherds living out in fields nearby, watching their flocks at night.” Luke 2:8

All along, Chinese cultural and theological discussions treat animals without moral status. They opine that “all things exist for human avail.” But when God creates birds in the sky, fish in the sea on the Fifth Day, and animals and insects on the Earth on the Sixth Day, God sees ALL his creations as good.

I believe not only the “cat slaves” and “dog slaves” are responsible for loving their pets. The Bible says the shepherds who look after their flocks all night; are like God, who looks after our day and night. God creates man like Himself, so man should look after animals like He does us.

God created man to be wise and more capable than animals, and therefore we have the responsibility to be kind and care for the weaker. We should appreciate the uniqueness of each animal, and in return, they help us recognize and cherish our human qualities.


According to statistics, one-seventh of the global youngsters have mental challenges. For Hong Kong alone, over 50% of secondary school students have shown symptoms of depression.

Those youngsters having mental/emotional challenges are often ostracized and despised by their peers. Society stigmatizes those who suffer such ailments so that it deters those sick from seeking help. Most that are sick isolate themselves because of their conditions. Despite the care and counselling given by friends and family, those suffering from anxiety remain aloof. People that wish to help become strained from trying.

Common saying said: “life affects life.” Does the former “life” only refer to humans?

When I was in my life’s lowest valley and lost all hope, the one who saved me from the abyss was a fur child.


Six years ago, when I faced the heavy workload of getting into secondary school and the unpleasant feelings of getting along with my family, I found myself experiencing symptoms of depression. Lo-and-behold later, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

I have always been fond of animals, and the fellow sick at my side does too. I was afraid to interact with people but at ease with animals, and they could feel what I felt without speaking and silently accompanying me.

I had given everything up and lost all interest in everything. I became despondent all day and burst out often in rage. I could not communicate with people until I learned about Social Work Canines. As soon as I saw them, my constant agitation calmed. And when these doggies leaned close to me, letting me hug them, the comfort was beyond words.

Every time I write about these emotions, my eyes tear up. In a society full of voices of discontent, many of us face all kinds of difficulties. Doggies give us a chance to restart by recovering from these struggles.

Because I have experienced this profoundly touching moment, I understand that in “One Dog, One Person,” the dog can be as good as a sibling. I wish these seemingly trivial but great fur children can continue to help humans face the world as comrades bringing light and hope while overcoming such times of their darkness.

Ming (alias)  27/3/2022