"HI Partner" Program

“HI Partner” Program (動人計劃) is a CEO Hong Kong program since 2018. “HI” stands for Human-animal Interaction/Intervention. HI has been adopted as an effective mean for decades overseas as a type of assistance/therapy/aid for children and adults with various kinds of disabilities or emotional challenges, elderly and prisoner rehabilitation, etc.

In the past, CEO embodied the positive outcomes of “HI” in helping disabled orphans and underprivileged children by advocating “animal-assisted life education” in China. In light of this, CEO further promotes the adoption of “HI” in Hong Kong to serve the community in need. The first two combined pilot projects began in mid-2018 and January 2019 collaborating with Haven of Hope Sunnyside Special Education School and Zion Youth Social Service respectively. The purpose of these projects are to create an AAA/AAT platform that the recluse population can participate in as canine handlers; and to simultaneously help rehabilitate a group of children with severe cerebral palsy.

The CP children participated in a weekly animal-assisted therapy class when a CEO Social Work Canine (SWC) would present in those sessions. The result has been affirmative and encouraging albeit gradual. We are pleased also to see the increased commitment level of the recluse youth currently being trained to become a canine handler.