FA Apprenticeship Program

(The program completed on 31 March 2018, details)

Through collaboration with the local Head of Civil Services, in 2013 CEO launched the FA Apprenticeship Program in Luoning Children Welfare Institute (LNCWI) of Luoning County, the 3rd poorest county nationwide. Over ten thousand children are living in extreme hardship and below the national poverty line in Luoning. Besides medical assistance and accommodation provided by the local authority, CEO believes education and opportunities to excel are two of the essential elements to help eradicate poverty in these distressed children. The program aims to build character, develop academic excellence, and explore creativity within these youngsters. It also seeks to upgrade the quality of local teachers in the county and to professionalize social workers to serve the needs of the communities.

Since the commencement of the program in July 2013, CEO Luoning Training Centre at the LCWI has been named by the Central Government of China as one of the four official pilot models in the enactment of National Children Protection Policy.

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