The Founders

The CEO Foundation was founded by Ms. Christina Chua and Mr. Joseph Chua in Hong Kong in 2000.

Founders’ Appreciations (Jan 2014)

(from Family Anew Movement 10th Anniversary Gala – House Program)


I vividly remember that day …

Christina and I walked around the entire block trying to find the orphanage that was supposed to house hundreds of handicapped children in Luoyang city. No one seemed to know the exact location or if there was such a place in town. Finally, what led us there to begin our journey in China was the sound of crying children…

From the day we set foot on the premise to become instrumental in the establishment of their foster care department; then launched the Family Anew Movement through a local foster care program for handicapped orphans, not only had the Luoyang Children Welfare Institute become a well-visited government facility, it was 3rd on the top ten list of the best foster care programs nationwide. All in all, the biggest reward I have received after all these years is to see over 10 times of children being brought home into the love of a father and a mother in a family environment. What matters most to me personally is to see faces of the children blossom in the midst of the tender-loving-care of their foster parents.

These life-changing stories spoke evidence to the deep-rooted belief I have since childhood, i.e., God is real and nothing is impossible in and through His Love if we believe!

Thank you for believing in us in all these years. Today belongs to all of us. Let us embrace and celebrate the fruits bore throughout the last 10 years and to anticipate many more to come.

I salute you and give the highest honor and praise to Our Sovereign God in Heaven.

Joseph H W Chua
Director, Chief Operating Officer


2013 LY -2

A “decade” of my life journey into a “CALL” to reach out to orphans, poor and needy… sounds pretty committed! Yes, it did require passion, commitment, and unyielding persistence; but most of all FAITH to stay on course toward such worthy goal. Was the result a success? I would proudly say a big “YES”. Not at all as regards my personal accomplishment, but to have and continue to witness lives being touched and changed for good over this last decade, makes me consider my life as having been worth living. It’s indeed an awe-inspiring discovery of how much and how far one can literally go with childlike faith in our Heavenly Father…even against all odds.

My deepest gratitude to my family and the special few who have been walking with Joseph and I faithfully over the years despite challenges. Even in the absence of their own understanding at times as to the steps that we had taken or decisions we had made along the way, they stuck with us. It’s humbling to realize that it’s an honour to be trusted to that extent…for that I am most grateful.

To every one of our supporters, allow me to say a heartfelt “thank YOU”. Without your ‘Love-in-action’, we would have had no yesterday, or today, or tomorrow. With you, we had an extraordinary yesterday, now have an exhilarating today, and will surely have a rewarding tomorrow! It is not merely because of the thousands of lives that have been and will be impacted positively but because of yours. You give all of us at CEO and the thousands of children, teens, and their families an opportunity to cherish, honour and appreciate life…because of YOU.

I find it true over the years that it IS more blessed to give than to receive…I, for one, I am a witness of such blessing. Now with all of you here tonight, let’s celebrate this 10-Year Milestone together with joy and thanksgiving!


Christina Y W Chua
Chief Executive Officer