Xiao-yue – Princess of the Pale White Moon


Being a bright and beautiful girl, Xiao-yue has endeared herself to many people by her cheekiness and wittiness. Her angelic face enchanted almost everyone around her. Ever since she was fostered through our Family Anew Program, not only was she accepted completely into the family, she was also loved by everyone in her neighborhood. No one would ever think she was once an abandoned orphan.

In 2009, when Xiao-yue was three she was abandoned by her parents; such misfortune brought her to the LCWI (Luoyang Children Welfare Institute). She was a CP (cerebral palsy) child with clubfeet (congenital talipes equinovarus), which had impaired her mobility as well as other daily activities. Fortunately, her intellect developed normally. Less than a week later, her shiny dark eyes and angelic smile drew attention and captured Joseph’s heart (co-Founder of CEO), who paid regular visits to orphans in LYCWI.

In search for the best medical treatments for Xiao-yue so that she could in near future walk again, Joseph paid countless visits to all nearby hospitals and clinics seeking to find the best advice and opinion from medical professionals. Eventually a number of surgical proposals were suggested but none could rule out the possibilities of potential complications which might in turn cause lifelong detriments to Xiao-yue. Instead of turning to any surgical intervention, Joseph finally decided to adopt a less intrusive plan which included a series of physiotherapeutic treatments, massages, and rehabilitative exercises. Meanwhile, Joseph sped up the process to arrange for Xiao-yue to be placed in a foster family; much convinced that parental love and care would make a significant difference in the child’s rehabilitation process.

Being loved and nurtured in the family, Xiao-yue blossomed beautifully. When we launched our first Special Education Centre, she was chosen to be among the first group of children to attend the Special Education classes due to her impressive growth and development. Since then Xiao-yue has not stopped demonstrating to her fellow classmates and teachers her capability of being a fast learner with good memory and comprehensibility. Though being the youngest, her inquisitive nature and determination motivated her to rise to the top in her class. After months of treatments and diligent exercises, Xiao-yue also showed great improvement in her physical condition. One day in class, she surprised everyone by standing up on her feet and start making her way toward the other side of the classroom without any assistance as usual. Since that day, Xiao-yue takes every step on her own. We are so very proud of her.

To us at CEO Xiao-yue is a “Princess of the pale-white moon”; notwithstanding her humble and tragic beginning, we foresee a gleam of her beamingly bright future. This summer at age seven, Xiao-yue was adopted by an overseas family and left us to begin a new chapter in her life. We will forever miss her adorable smiles.

“Princess of the pale-white moon”, we wish you much love and blessings in this faraway land with your new family and your new life afar.