Xiao-huan – A Girl Who Sheds No Tears


Xiao-huan was abandoned by her parents in 2004 when she was only 2 years old. She was brought to the Luoyang Children Welfare Institute (“LCWI”) that year. Three months later she was sponsored by our Family Anew foster care program to begin her new life in a local family. Xiao-huan was believed to be slow intellectually; and found to be unattractive as a result of her ingrown eyelashes in the right eye. The irritation from the eye condition made her constantly teary and susceptible to infections. The resulting discharges and inflammation had caused this little toddler much discomfort and pain. So Xiao-huan kept a small handkerchief handy in her pocket and and used it often to dry her teary eye.

Looking vulnerable carrying her little handkerchief, Xiao-huan captured Joseph’s heart (co-Founder of CEO) when he visited this little girl at her foster family. Without delay, Joseph searched through almost all nearby hospitals and clinics trying to get the best treatment. Finally the right clinic was found and regular follow-up visits were arranged for her. Notwithstanding a hectic schedule, Joseph would personally keep abreast of her latest condition.

In 2011, Xiao-huan started to attend classes at CEO’s first Special Education (SE) centre shortly after it was launched. At first Xiao-huan remained shy and quiet. After two years attending the SE classes 4 days a week regularly, her response has been astoundingly impressive. Not only has she developed an outgoing personality, she was found to be a caring little girl. Her intellectual level improved significantly and so as her level of creativity. She even made up games of her own and played with her classmates. Xiao-huan smiles a lot these days and she enjoys all group activities at the centre. Whenever there was visitors coming to visit during their classes, she would always be the first to go up, greet and hug them with a friendly warm smile. One time, her innocently sweet question had brought even tears to one of them when she asked if she could give the visitor a little kiss.

Turning eleven, though remains petite Xiao-huan has a big heart for others. At home, she expresses her love freely to her parents; at school, it is not unusual to see her putting her little arms around a misbehaved classmate and encourage the child softly and gently to not to offend again but to obey teachers’ instructions. Then and then, you would always wonder what a special and marvelous little girl she is…so young and yet possesses not only understanding but kindness toward others! Although her eye condition has improved much, but whenever it flares up occasionally she will still say with a beaming smile, “I’m already better!” while drying her teary eye with her small handkerchief. Such courage to be seen in a little child!

With a simple heart appreciating everyone and everything around her, Xiao-huan lives to enjoy life despite her physical ailment. The world may think that favor goes only to those deem to be attractive outwardly. In the case of Xiao-huan, she has won hearts from many despite her not-so-attractive appearance. At best, CEO commits to render continuous support to this little “angel” for she certainly deserves to be loved and cared for.