By Li Wen-Yan, Julianne (Staff)

Reflections on Working at the CEO Foundation

Greetings to Auntie Ah-Meng (Angel Chua) and Uncle Cai (Joseph Chua)! I am so grateful we have met. In the past, everyday spending with your family was a treasure in my life. When I first joined CEO, Uncle Cai shared to us in our morning assembly that what we did was not simply a job but a life project. We’re using Lives to Influence Lives! I was fortunate to have participated in this life project. It was not because I made any significant contributions but in turn I was the biggest beneficiary in the process of doing so!

From 2013 to 2019, I witnessed the ups and downs of CEO. Our work spiraled from a few projects to many and back to a few. Then came suddenly to ultimate complete halt. During the process, CEO was like my family. I was happy when CEO was developing with progress. When CEO encountered difficulties and challenges, I was worried and anxious. When I finally had to resign from CEO, I was reluctant. Yet, I believe God has His good purpose and planning.

Uncle Cai, you always claimed that we’re your children and you did treat us as. I remembered how you and Uncle Su (Joseph’s Driving Assistant) picked us up at the midnight train station and settled us in your home when we first came to Luoyang. You concerned about we girls’ security since our first day arrival. Then, you took care of our workplace board and lodging so that we need not have to worry about our basic living. During morning assemblies, you would sometimes provide us courtship guidance based on Bible truth hoping that we could have a good marriage and a blessed life.

Personally, you’re always encouraging, supportive and trust in my work. You allowed me to try and work on things, thus enabling me to grow and excel. I was especially grateful to you and Auntie Ah-Meng for being there, giving me encouragement and guidance when my life was extremely vulnerable and in pain. When I put on wedding dress entering marriage, you told me that the Foundation would always welcome me back as my parents’ home. Those warmest words deeply moved me as I deemed myself unworthy of such care and love from you and your family. There were many more incidents when you treated us as your own children. You truthfully practicing Lives influence Lives on us. You’ve set a role model for us. Although our Mainland project has come to an end, CEO services in the past have already sprouted seeds of blessings in my heart, enabling me to get along well with others.

All in all, I am grateful to The CEO Foundation and everyone I met in this big family. Thank you all! (I want say sorry to Sister Cai (Christina Chua), Sister Cai Junior (Catherine Chua), Grandma (Grandma Chua), Granny (Granny Lau), Bong-Bong (Abraham Chua, Joseph’s son), and Anna (AnnaFaith Chua, Joseph’s daughter) for not enough time and space to mention you. But I’m glad we met and I missed you and wish you all good health, joy and peace!)

Missing you all,