By Dang Zi-Bing (FA foster child)

(Born with severe cerebral palsy, DANG Zi-Bing was an orphan under CEO sponsorship since infancy. His dream is to become a writer and he strived very hard in learning to achieve his dream. The following is his words of thought on CEO FA Foster Care Program).

Dear Uncle Cai (Joseph Chua), Sister Cai (Christina Chua) and all CEO family. Congratulations to the 21st anniversary of CEO and may all blessings be with the Foundation. On such special occasion, I would like to share my thoughts with all of you.

I still remember when you came all the way to the Luoyang Children Welfare Institute to kick-start your philanthropy work in 2003. I was really grateful to be one of the beneficiaries of your charity. Many said I was unfortunate but I feel so blessed indeed. Because your endeavor brought me a home which made me feel the warmth and love of a family. Not only did you send daily necessities from time to time to our foster families, you also paid regular visits to care about our daily lives and offered us the much-needed support. I am really thankful for all of that.

It was not just a home which you have found for me, you also broadened my horizon by organizing different kinds of activities for us every year. We played and laughed with great fun thus gradually brightened up my dimmed soul. I carved for those fun again!

Amongst all of these, my greatest take-away was your patience in educating me. When I first started to learn how to write my name, you did not show a sign of giving me up even I was on the verge of giving up. You taught me character stroke orders from dot to dot, to horizontal strokes, to vertical strokes… You gave me so much encouragement and commended me that I was finally able to write my name. Then, I could see your smile filled with joy and your proud of me.

Besides curricular learning, you also emphasize the importance of nurturing hobbies to me, for example, calligraphy and reading. Though I have not been able to practice calligraphy all along, reading is my lifetime hobby. That’s why I recognized you and CEO as my first and greatest teacher always.

I would never forget all that you have taught and done for me. You’ve given me – a family, a blessed home, and a heart of gratitude, how to write and how to live. Thank you all and I am so proud of myself, you and The CEO Foundation!

Uncle Cai and Sister Cai, please take good care of your health, especially Uncle Cai for you’re always so busy. Do take more rest! I am a grown up now while you have been devoted your youth to charity looking after us until hairs turned grey. You will always be my guard angel and my beloved Papa and Mama!

Last but not least, I wish Uncle Cai and Sister Cai good health, a harmonious family filled with happiness each day. May The CEO Foundation be prosperous.

With love,