Other News

CEO News (Oct-Dec, 2021)

CEO established this educational interest group in late October. It is a platform for participants of all ages to interact and bond with CEO Social Work Canine (SWC) interns, experiencing the love and acceptance...

CEO News (Apr-Sep, 2021) (Eng. ver.)

CEO had a fruitful summer. Cooperative organizations invited us to host a series of HI Partner activities. Those events brought children and teens together with our Social Work Canine (SWC) interns, through which all had experienced wonders and precious moments. Indeed opportunities to learn and be touched by the human-animal bond.

Reviewing 2018-2019, Embracing 2020

We have many things to be thankful for in 2019 including the successful registration with the Henan Provincial Education Department in the autumn of 2018. We continue to march right into a new era with exciting new programs benefiting not only the mainland but Hong Kong, and even other parts of the world in 2020 and beyond.

A Hearty Advice about Suicide Issue

17 June, 2019 A hearty advice from one of our CEO Expert Consultants Committee members, who is a HKU professor, a clinical psychologist, and also a father: To all of my friends, you know...