By Zhu Shuai-Xia (Beneficiary)

My warmest greetings to Uncle Cai (Joseph Chua), Auntie Ah-Meng (Angel Chua), Sister Cai (Christina Chua), Sister Cai Junior (Catherine Chua), Granny Cai (Grandma Chua), Granny Lao (Granny Lau), and all members of the CEO Family.

I received a message from Sister Wen-Yan (pre-CEO staff) informing me about this special edition of prints to celebrate CEO’s 21st Anniversary. They would welcome all fellow colleagues to speak their heart about the Foundation. First, I wish our beloved CEO Family a happy 21st Anniversary. I, among many, have been personally blessed by the Foundation and have witnessed all the hard work they put in over the years to help individuals like me. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude even as I am writing about the Foundation now.

In 2014 summer, one Uncle Cai’s phone call changed my life and established an unbreakable bond between me and CEO. Since high school, a total of six years, CEO watched over my growing up from a puerile little girl to become a professional teacher. CEO helped shape my characters, values and perspective of life. CEO gave me confidence to establish myself in society. They taught me rules and ethics, personal hygiene and environmental tidiness, which shaped important parts of my life development. They built up my respect not merely for one another but harmony with animals, nature and the environment. CEO taught me how to cherish lives and to be an upright responsible person.

During summer and winter vacation when I was still a student, I remembered returning to and spending time with this endeared CEO Family at the Luoning Training Centre. I missed the loving-kindness from Uncle Cai and Auntie Ah-Meng. Recalling those good old days, we had assembly every morning, listened to Uncle Cai sharing about morals and characters building, one-by-one at a time, realizing the ups and downs of CEO family. I saw them demonstrating Love-in-action every day over the last two decades. I remembered volunteered professionals from all over the world and from different walks of life came to the center, coaching the children and us art, music, handcrafts classes, and variety of games, sports activities. We felt the joy and love shown by them. Another precious lesson of being with CEO was to learn about LIFE. CEO Life Education Training Program involved pets. We had so much fun practicing through interacting with two little rabbits (Zhao-Zhao and Dumbo) and the over-enthusiastic Golden retriever, Doudou. We learned mutual benefit relationship between humans and animals through daily caring for their wellbeing. I particularly cherished the tender counsels and conversation with Uncle Cai and Auntie Ah-Meng during my growing years from high school, career choosing, courtship, and wedded to my lifelong partner. They’re just like parents guiding and accompanying me through.

The CEO Foundation, my beloved family, I am most grateful that you are by my side, and I am honored sharing one-third amongst your twenty-one years journey. My life would never be the same without your guidance and benevolence support. My tribute to CEO and I wholeheartedly blessing CEO to dream the dreams years ahead. I shall uphold the CEO’s legacy, and go heart-to-heart with you, to build a better future for our younger generations. I’m Grateful Touch! And Thank you!

Zhu Shuai-Xia, a damsel, flourished by the Love of The CEO Foundation.