By Wang Shun-Li (CEO Staff)

I counted it a joy to join The CEO Foundation (Hong Kong) in October 2005. To becoming a staff of the CEO team working on many meaningful projects.

Our programs helped institutionalized disabled orphaned children to regain foster families. They could then enjoy parental love and the warmth of “a Home”. I witnessed how speech-impaired and/or lame children learned to talk and walk under the tender loving care of their foster parent. In some cases, some of our foster-cared children were even adopted to foreign countries where promising future are assured.

I personally changed a lot too after working with CEO. Worked with CEO is unlike ordinary employment relations. There was no tension between superior and subordinate. Instead, the entire working team was like a family where everyone got along very well. Working with Mr. Chua, Ms. Chua and their team had brought significant changes on my originally introverted character. I am now a much cheerful person.

Wang Shun-Li (Sister Wang)