Ms. Helen Chan (Advisor)

Serendipity. I could recall the day in 1997/98 when I met the Chua siblings, Christina and Joseph, who invested their “golden years” into bringing goodness and love to hundreds of lives. I also met their mother, Madam Chua, the pillar of their journey of faith. Their story mesmerized me. It began with a vision given by God simultaneously to this brother and sister team, asking them to return to their father’s homeland. At that time, they had been living in North America for over 20 years. They were to follow God’s guidance and embarked on a faith journey. Their Vision covered such areas as commercial undertakings, orphans, and prisoners. Although I saw no tangible proof, I believed in them without even a shadow of doubt. Christina and Joseph are undoubtedly committed to their Vision. They actively and diligently connected with others putting efforts to actualize the CEO’s mission. I witnessed the “ground zero” of such Vision as they began to build the “Kingdom of God, i.e., LOVE-IN-ACTION” on earth. Despite my hectic daily business, I would find time to pray with them in person as a means of support. Then our prayer time turned into a nightly phone prayer chain with over a dozen prayer warriors.

Time flies; it is already 2021. I witnessed the founders of CEO, Christina and Joseph, faithfully serving God, following His will in steering the organization all these years. I saw their Love-in-action in their programs, such as the FA Foster Care Program established in 2003 in collaboration with the Luoyang Children Welfare Institute. Their most recent endeavor, the “HI Partner” Program, was God’s enlightenment through their sister, Catherine, and connected with one of the legendary icons in AAI (Animal-Assisted Intervention), Sister Pauline Quinn, set up in 2018. Had there not been Our Heavenly Father’s divine arrangements, the development of the CEO ministry would not have been this smooth, and man alone could not have made such achievements.

I have witnessed not only the Chua family faithfully serving God, including Madam Chua’s tacit support but also the untold blessings from Our Heavenly Father. God blesses the family, and The CEO Foundation – an organization that honors God the Almighty, with dreams coming from God Himself turned into reality one by one! Thank and praise the Lord for giving me the privilege to know His loyal servants and to behold His omnipotence and wonderful work through the Chua Family! I wish The CEO Foundation countless anniversaries to celebrate the immeasurable grace of God!