Ms. Grace Liang (Expert Consultant)

God‘s Work of Art

The thoughts of God are infinitely higher and beyond our ways and imagination!

My recollection of the initial introduction to The CEO Foundation was at a prayer meeting in 2017 for the various ministries and works in mainland China. It opened up a door for me to begin serving with them.

In that same year, I boldly embarked on this journey with Tim, my husband, and Esther, my colleague. We visited CEO’s service units in Luoyang and Luoning, intending to provide social worker training for a group of energetic young people.

I honestly felt inadequate in terms of imparting social service knowledge and skills then. However, I found wonder and was impressed interacting with the CEO founders’ family and their relevant social services team. I witnessed how God had led them through the intricate segments to have achieved such beautiful work. It was like the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle putting together seamlessly formed a perfect picture.

Human effort never truly realize the fullness of God’s Kingdom, namely prosperity and love. While human calculations are fallible, not even to control any outcome, especially amidst myriad changes. The recent social unrest and the pandemic prove to me time and again. The only truth is God’s love always triumphs in those who set their minds on Him to serve others.

CEO has spanned, though undergone untold challenges, and prevailed with great honor in the last 21 years. The blessings and power of God will surely uphold the organization to another new height. May our God‘s grace always be with them!