Mrs. & Mr. Jodie & Alex Lai (Advisor)

I have known about CEO for over a decade. I first came across a video on the work of CEO at the Tsim-Sha-Tsui Rotary Club. I was so moved that I became a donor subsequently. Twice I embarked on trips to Luoyang to find out more about the work of the foster families first hand. In both trips, I had quality time with Christina and Joseph. I was deeply impressed by their compassion and humanistic working approach. They aligned perfectly with the founding principles of CEO.

I remember one member of the staff named Hung-wu. Despite his distinguished academic achievement as a college graduate, he was ridiculed because of his physical disability and his background of coming from a child welfare institution. CEO treasured and accepted him, recruiting him as a staff, thus building his self-esteem.

In both trips, I was touched by Christina and Joseph’s meticulous working approach and also their care and love for people regardless of their background and social status. They did not only bureaucratically supervise the foster parents and check if those foster homes discharged their duties of raising the handicapped orphans properly. They practiced love in their interaction with the foster parents who were then motivated to try their utmost to nourish the their fostered children. I witnessed foster parents initiate creativity to design suitable tools to help develop their foster children. This love enveloped the entire family with blessings and joy. In the beginning, there was only one foster family but then it sprouted into many families when more people were being moved to become foster parents. In fact, the entire community was filled with compassion and a cordial relationship had promoted between the government officials and citizens.

CEO cares for not only people but also animals. It exemplifies their treasure and respect for life.

Throughout these years, I find myself identify with the CEO values. I learn to admire their ceaseless efforts and their readiness to be pioneers, overcoming major hurdles. They have comprehensive planning and are meticulous when discharging their duties. On top of that, sticking to the humanistic approach, they practice what they believe and nurture the courage to materialize their vision. They do not just serve the neglected in society but also encourage people to treat one another with love out of the great love of God. Not only do I find the work of CEO meaningful and worthy of promotion, I am blessed by knowing CEO, which stimulates me to live with more love. Thus, I will keep on supporting CEO to give the world more love bit by bit.