By Li Xiao-Feng (CEO Staff)

I am grateful to join The CEO Foundation in June 2013. Here I witnessed various ability levels and natures of education servicing targets. My heart touched and filled with unspeakable gratitude as I recalled the scenes when I conducted lessons with them every day. Those little children were innocent while the teenagers were charming. I love the working ambiance there, and I am grateful working with the CEO team. They enabled me to bring blessings and changes to others’ lives. I wish CEO would continue to thrive in the coming years. And I will persist in my career serving these lovely children. Should the opportunity arise, I wish to walk and grow with The CEO Foundation again. There are too many inexpressible words within me, but only gratitude. I am thankful that the CEO has changed my life also. Wishing prosperity for The CEO Foundation and may many more like-minded companions join in along. Let’s Cheer!