Letter from a Sponsored Senior High School Student

(Teenager’s name is modified for protection. This English version was translated by CEO.)

I appreciate very much your involvement; it shows me that in the midst of the world’s harshness towards the poor, there are still good people…

Dear Uncle Joseph,

I am Shuang of the Luoning First Secondary School. Allow me first to thank you for your financial support, and I promise I will do what you have taught me, i.e. to treat others well and to study diligently.

There have been several examinations since the beginning of this semester. Please forgive me for not writing sooner because of that. Yesterday the third examination (i.e. the mid-term exam for the grade 12 class) has just been over. I think my performance overall is OK, but not quite satisfactory in Mathematics and Chemistry. I have been weak in Mathematics since grade 11; but I know if one focuses on giving the best, difficulties can be overcome; and if one relentlessly finishes what has been started, there will be peace in whatever the outcome will be. If I continue to study diligently I believe I can master the subject ultimately.

I would also like to tell you where I have spent the subsidy. I used the money I received in Sep on reference books required by the school, quite many this year. For the subsidy in Oct, I paid for my living expenses, which has lightened the burden from my family. In this I appreciate very much your involvement; it shows me that in the midst of the world’s harshness towards the poor, there are still good people. I remember during the visit of the Shanghai International School to LNCWI you said that each of us was beautiful, and hoped that our hearts were even more so. Such edifying words are quite frankly not even our teachers in school can give us. I really feel that you are my parent anew, so kind and patient in teaching us how to live; indeed, thank you so much! I also appreciate the training opportunities you tried to create for us. Whenever I think about how the young people from the Shanghai International School talked and played with the children in fluent English, I was aspired again to pursue university and this has filled me with hope. Actually poor village children like me are usually not good at expressing ourselves and are lack of confidence. Thanks again for the opportunity to meet these young people and children in LNCWI.

Uncle Joseph, I feel that you are a very kind person and easy to approach. In fact I like the Cantonese dialect so I enjoy listening to you. When you have time would you teach me Cantonese? I would work hard in my study too, not forgetting what you said; you hope we learn English and Putonghua well early on, and so not be regretful down the road. I will remember firmly and follow. I understand I can go anywhere in China if I can speak Putonghua well, and I can go beyond that only if I can speak English well…

School in grade 12 is so intense that every morning I am too tired to get up; the study has kept me busy all day; sometimes I would feel lost and uncertain. But then my rational mind reminds me I am responsible for my life, and accountable to my family and you, you have all been gracious to me and I should not let you down. So I would start again and diligently prepare for the final examination…

Uncle Joseph, I think you look great when you smile, please smile more! I know you will always be there to encourage me so I can face whatever may befall. Lastly I wish you good health, success in all you do, and happiness every day!

Yours respectfully,