Her Happiness Makes Me Happy


This year, my birthday present was a lesson: I, who never liked going to mainland China, visited a children welfare institute in Luoning county, Henan province. Although I assumed the children there needed blessing, it was I who unexpectedly was blessed by them. After returning to Hong Kong, I realized that what I used to regard as my problems were no longer problems, because compared to these children’s situation, my problems no longer mattered so much.

The most important aim of this trip was to visit a little girl whom I sponsored as a beneficiary of the CEO Family Anew Apprenticeship Program. The little girl’s mother died in a traffic accident when she was five, then her father lost his mind due to his wife’s death and ran away, so the girl suddenly became an orphan. Of course, she did not understand why there was such a big change. When she first entered the Luoning Children Welfare Institute, she looked really miserable and did not know how to laugh. Childhood should be a carefree time, but happiness was a luxury for this girl. Last year, when I started sponsoring this child, I could not help shedding tears when I read about her life. I thought, how could there be such a great difference between us when I was five and she was five? Everybody is created and loved by our Heavenly Father. Why did she suffer so much at such a tender age? I must make a little effort in helping her regain what should have been her blessing. After a year under the care of CEO and the love of Christ, this girl, who did not smile one year ago, gave a most beautiful smile on receiving my gift of a furry doll. I also smiled; she was happy, which made me happy. When talking with her, she told me her English name. The teacher said her English grades were not bad, but her mathematics grades were not so good. I laughingly replied that she was like me when I was a kid! When I was a student, my English grades were also not bad, but I often did badly at mathematics… I’m so proud of her! I am grateful to CEO for giving me the opportunity to learn what it means to be a parent, and I am also very grateful to them for the chance to actually help a child regain a normal childhood.

I would also like to thank the founders of The CEO Foundation, Christina and Joseph. About 20 years ago, they heard God’s calling and were moved by the Holy Spirit to help the orphans and poor children in mainland China. They were willing to give up a comfortable life in North America to serve in mainland China. At that time, they did not even know a word of Mandarin! But because they submitted to God’s leading, they, together with God, created miracles. Their work has helped many poverty-stricken households, turning curses into blessings. Their humility has taught me the importance of obeying God.

At last week’s sharing in church, I learnt a saying by the British author C.S. Lewis – “Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” When we choose to place the needs of others ahead of our problems, our so-called problems suddenly become tiny. Let us set our sights a little higher, and look to our Father in Heaven!

Stella Lau, September 2015