Dr. Tso Man-king (Advisor)

Diligent Cultivation for 21 Years

I first met Christina and her younger brother Joseph more than two decades ago. They were young and pure-hearted, devoted to God, full of love, and with a passion for helping others. They left a deep impression on me. Subsequently, I knew that they very much wished to embark on some charitable enterprise in the Mainland, so I went with them to visit children welfare institutes in Beijing and Luoyang to explore the feasibility of starting a program of fostering orphans. As a result, they formed The CEO Foundation 21 years ago. They initiated the FA Foster Care Program, collaborating with the Luoyang Children Welfare Institute to “de-institutionalize” and place needy orphans in the care of various families around Luoyang. It enabled many such children and babies to move into a family environment. They were nurtured, raised by foster parents, felt the warmth, and cherished by a family. The arrangement afforded them healthier development of the body, mind, and spirit. With the Heart of Christ, Christina and Joseph personally organized and involved in all their Love-in-action trips, activities, and workshops to teach and demonstrate the foster parents the core value of family, care for children with special needs, and love them as their own. Such other-center love attracted participation and contribution from many philanthropists. It enabled the CEO’s Mainland ministry to extend to Luoning, where it became the primary action center to train young social work interns for the mission. A decade later, even their younger sister, Catherine, devoted her personal time and resources to spearheading an animal-related Life Education program alongside them.

Several years ago, the Mainland legislation relating to NGOs underwent some restructuring. Accordingly, the CEO’s mission took on a new chapter. At present, the mission focuses on Hong Kong. The new undertaking cultivates the relationship between canines and human beings. Amazingly, after a considerable period of educating and training human handlers and their dogs, these furry partners have proved to have many positive effects on humans. They are good companion, help in the therapy, recovery, rehabilitation, promote communication (including non-verbal communication), and learn to cherish life. Now more than two decades have flitted past. On the 21st anniversary of the establishment of The CEO Foundation, I wish, first and foremost, to thank God. I would also like to express my deep gratitude to Christina, Joseph, and their family (including their mother and sister Catherine) and all the enthusiastic supporters of the Foundation. May all these acts of kindness continue and may more people be benefited. To God be the glory!