By Dang Guo-Qiang (FA Foster Child)

Time flies! In the blink of an eye, two decades have gone by for The CEO Foundation (CEO). First and foremost, I wish you a happy birthday on your 21st anniversary. I would also take this opportunity to thank CEO for your help and influence over me. As one benefitting from its Family Anew Foster Care Program, I have, as I grew, received assistance from philanthropists from all walks of life under the auspices of Uncle Cai (Joseph Chua) and Sister Cai (Christina Chua). The journey has brought much warmth and light to my otherwise gloomy childhood. Over the past ten years, various volunteers visited us every week; they helped tutoring us, greeting comforts to us, and provided our daily material needs including school supplies. Herein, I can’t but thank you for your selfless benevolence. I wish CEO a flourishing future, helping even more needy people, and spreading love to all corners of the world!