Christmas Gifts of Love


“See how beautiful are my shoes! I’d say my cloth is really great!” To children living in destitute, owing a pair of perfect shoes and a set of good clothing is enough to make them so happy.


These children living in want have selected the clothings that they like. Everyone expects that after wearing the new cloths, they can study in the classrooms and race in the playground more confidently because they know that there is a group of people with love supporting them from behind.


The child embraces the beautiful cloth, meanwhile embracing joy and contentment, feeling the love that the people send along, from the bottom of their hearts!

With the coming of Christmas and the New Year, everyone wants to be the main character of the festival, busily preparing for family and friends. In their midst is a group of loving people who are willing to support CEO to care for the children in need in Luoning. They have donated a batch of all new clothings, allowing each child to feel the festivity that is filled with love!