Child Little Story from “Family Anew” ~ Xiao-le

Xiao-le was a little boy who suffers from various integrated syndromes, as such, he was underweight and very weak.  His foster parents were very worried when he first arrived at the foster family and stayed with them when he was 3 years old.  But with patience, love and persistent care, Xiao-le became mentally and physically stronger.  Not only had he gained weight, he also liked to show his little “muscle” to other people.  It took him not too long to get used to the foster family and had been getting along very well with his foster parents.  He liked to boast that he was his parents’ smart child and he always listened to them.  This made his foster-mom and foster-dad very happy and sweet.  He also always wore a smile on his face and was very polite.  He would take initiative to greet the neighbours and when his mom cooked for him, he would thank and praise her a great cook.  Whenever his dad called home, he would happily try to talk with him quickly.  His parents felt it a bliss and happy to have Xiao-le.

Because of the improvement in his body condition, Xiao-le has been adopted overseas in 2015.